Managing Wealth for a Life of Purpose

As trained and experienced financial advisors, we understand how difficult investing can be. Not only is investing a difficult discipline on its own, in addition, our behavioral biases hinder us to take the right decisions.

As experts, we want to facilitate the investment process and help our clients to achieve a better result over the long-term. We want to combine financial experise, thorough analysis and present it in a simple and understandable matter.

We are independent, fee-based financial professionals who build long term, trusted relationships focused on solutions, not products. As independent advisors, we hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard to make sure our client’s interests always come first.

We see technology as a great facilitator of communication and process driven work, yet we are humans and as such we understand that clients always want to have a reliable financial partner.


Our Mission

We want to be the most customer-centric Swiss investment and asset management company, where thanks to our channels, our clients can achieve best-in-class results.

Our Values


We are wise in our reflections & brave in our execution


We create value that lasts and serves future generations


We are loyal to our clients and form sustainable partnerships


Our Story

We combined our passion for financial markets, economy, technology, entrepreneurship and most importantly, the personal relationship to clients.

We understand that performance is a crucial point in asset management, but so are also the offered investment options, the investment advice and lastly the user experience of the client.

That’s why we decided to bring all this together and revolutionize the way clients are served.

After all, for each client it’s not only about having a financial advisor, it’s about being independent in the long-term, having time to enjoy life and being assured that her/his investments are looked after by trustworthy professionals.

That’s what we stand for and why we founded Lion Value Partners.

What We Stand For


Our independency is crucial for you to make successful financial decisions with a holistic view on your wealth.


Our financial advisors are well connected in the business world and will provide you with attractive investment opportunities.


We help you to build a strategic financial plan, avoiding high-priced products in favor of affordable solutions.


All our client relationships are unique and personal. We deliver customized strategies for you.


Supporting Charities

We are strong supporters of giving back to the community. Our vision is a world in which every child has access to education.

We decided to donate a constant part of our earnings to a charity that helps to make this earth a great place to live in.